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Foresight 2020 Health Challenge - Details

The Foresight 2020 Health Challenge will help you refocus on your own health and well-being at the beginning of a new decade. This fully-supported, fully-online challenge will be led by Primal Certified Health Coach H. Howells, in the setting of a private group on Facebook where you will benefit from the community and support of your fellow participants.

Daily posts will offer instruction, inspiration, coaching; encouragement and support will abound

What to expect:

· Pre-view the curriculum detailed below

· Pay online via the invoice for $179 you’ll receive in your email

· Receive invite to private Facebook group for the Foresight 2020 Health Challenge 12/28/2019

· Challenge starts 1/6/2020

Detailed curriculum:

· Pre-challenge days: introductions between participants and coach; personal goal-setting; sharing our stories; obtaining baseline metrics before embarking on meeting our goals

· Day 1: Foresight 2020 Health Challenge kicks off on January 6th, 2020!

· Weeks 1-3 (1/6-1/26, Days 1-21): Focus on Nutrition – Bodies are Built in the Kitchen

o Week 1: Setting yourself up for Success –

- Purging your pantry, stocking your shelves

- Understanding what to eat and what to eliminate . . . and why

o Week 2: Nitty-Gritty Meal Prep –

- Strategies for success – for planners and those who love spontaneity

- Taking the sting out of shopping

o Week 3: Feeling it all – what to expect when you’re expecting change: weathering how your body may feel and adjust as you start to become a fat-burning beast

- Breaking the addiction to foods

- Weathering the low-carb flu

- Understanding hormonal changes as you optimize your metabolic machinery

- Benefits of adapting your body to burn FAT

· Weeks 4-5 (1/27-2/9, Days 22-35): Sleep and Stress

o Week 4: Sleep is a Need – Believe in the dream! – What your body expects and needs from you to repair itself, and how to improve sleep hygiene to get the sleep you need

o Week 5: Cortisol is a 4-letter word

- Acknowledge sources of stress, and develop strategies to reduce it

- Enacting small changes and making big moves

- Dealing with circumstances outside your control

· Weeks 6-7 (2/10-2/23, Days 36-49): Focus on Fitness

o Week 6: Building your aerobic base –

- Why chronic cardio will shoot your goals in the foot

- How to build an aerobic base without spending your whole life on a treadmill

o Week 7: Strength-building and Sprinting –

- The metabolic kick-in-the-nuts that you just can’t get without them

- How to maximize your results with minimal investment in time

· Weeks 8-9 (2/24-3/8, Days 50-63): Leveling up

o Week 8: Intermittent Fasting and Compressed Eating Window

- Check-in with your body on fat adaptation

- Discuss benefits and try Intermittent Fasting, and/or Compressed Eating Window

o Week 9: Understand Ketosis and how to do it while maintaining a balanced diet that includes vegetables!

· Week 10 (3/9-3/15, Days 64-70): How far we’ve come, how far we have to go

o Week 10:

- Check in on milestones and major successes

- Discuss living Primally in a SAD (Standard American Diet) world

- Fine-tune the basics, troubleshooting pain points

· Weeks 11-12 (3/16-3/29, Days 71-84): Full-Life Integration

o Week 11: Sunlight, Play, Brain Fitness, Slowing Life Down

- How to benefit from sunlight, safely!

- Why play is hard – and how to make it easier

o Week 12: Jumping for joy – finding your Primal Bliss

· Weeks 13-14 (3/30-4/12, Days 85-98): Looking to the Future

o Week 13: Creating a plan for Personal Sustainability

- What challenges lie ahead, and how to face them

- Making a Primal Life – new traditions, new comfort foods, new communities

o Week 14: Celebrating our Success

- Compare results to baseline metrics

- Celebrate as individuals and a group

· Final two days (4/13-4/14, Days 99 and 100): Gratitude is Transformative

- Reflection on the Challenge

- Plans for future check-ins and caring for what we’ve built

Email with additional questions

Here’s to making 2020 the beginning of your best decade yet!


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