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This event occurred in fall 2023. We hope to host another retreat soon. Please send us an email if you are interested!



Restoration Retreat for Veterinary Professionals

We learn best when we are relaxed and open.  In the remote natural setting of Golden Gate Canyon State Park, we will welcome veterinarians and other veterinary professionals to an open-hearted learning experience, where they can truly shed the stresses of day-to-day work and life, and embrace the lessons of mindfulness and self-reflection. For this retreat, we will partner with Dr. Pranav Chawla, a veterinarian and certified mindfulness meditation teacher, to provide eight hours of non-biomedical CE covering the following topics:

  • Havoc, Mayhem, and Opportunity in our Pandemic World (1 hour)

  • Boundaries and Conflict Resolution (2 hours)

  • Love your Self, Love your Life (1 hour)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (1 hour)

  • Working with Thoughts (1 hour)

  • Working with Emotions (1 hour)

  • Loving kindness and Self-compassion (1 hour)

Outside of class, we'll spend our time together practicing yoga, hiking, fall foliage leaf-peeping, around campfires, sharing in community, hammock-hanging, meditating, sharing meals, and playing music – all are on offer in the hours outside of class.  These down-times allow for individual processing as well as community-building.


Questions? Contact us here:

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