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Change takes courage; commitment; connection; creativity.
These super-powers exist within each of us, but it can be hard to see the way.
We are in control of so little; yet we can change so much. 


Agents of Change believes in you:

that in a complex and chaotic world, you still can choose

how to feel, live, thrive, and relate to others. 

What is missing from your life? 

Agents of Change Coaching provides health, life, and team coaching with a
whole-person approach. We help busy professionals, parents, and people to reclaim

what is missing from their lives – whether this is health, time, joy...

or something else entirely. Agents of Change can help you craft a practical
and inspiring
plan to change your world and the way you move through it. 

Health Coaching Life Coaching Team Coaching Kinetic Coaching

Change. Transformation.  Growth. Becoming.

Agents of Change Coaching

Meet H. Howells

Meet H. Howells
Founder and Coach at Agents of Change

I am an outdoors enthusiast; a musician; an explorer. I love food, reading, and hard, physical work. I am a loving friend and a single mom to two amazing boys. Gratitude is my greatest spiritual practice, and I am humbled by the world I love and the people I meet. I am committed to making this life the best life I can have. But Agents of Change is about how I can help you live the best life you can.

Imagine a life where you wake up rested, with energy, and at home in your body. Where you feel sustained and content, and your days are punctuated with joy. Where you are constantly discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.  

Imagine you are aware of all you have to be grateful for. That you feel hopeful about surmounting the challenges that lay ahead of you, then letting them go. Imagine it feels worthwhile and productive to care for yourself.  Imagine you have enough abundance that you are able to share with those around you. Think of how life could be if the kindness you show others came back to you in the embrace of your community.  

Envision that your happiness can lead to your success.
Then, make it so. Begin here.  

Meet H.
Why Naturopathy

Why Agents of Change Coaching?

It can help with



Of the many qualities that make H an effective coach, the breadth

of her life experience allow her to relate and find common ground

with anyone. What sets her apart is her elite emotional intelligence

sliding immediately past the superficial distractions to the deep heart of

the matter. Her drive to guide others in their path to self improvement

is unmatched, making her highly effective!

Hannah Klein, DVM, co-facilitator and coach for Power of Ten,

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

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